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Taking the stress out of self-care with the mindset model

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I become overwhelmed with all the well-being decisions I’m called upon to make. The overload of opinions and options on what can fend off premature aging, make you regular, or improve your mood can be chaotic and, frankly, stressful. And isn’t stress bad for us? Enter the mindset […]

Your Powerful Ally for Kidney and Bladder Health: Lipo K&B

If you’ve had a few of these symptoms at the same time, you’ve most likely had the “pleasure” of having a UTI or urinary tract infection. Nobody wants to go through that. Maintaining good kidney and bladder health is crucial for overall well-being. So how can we keep them in tip-top shape? Your kidneys are […]

Does it matter what vitamins you buy?

If you’ve been using Feel Good Forever supplements for a while, you likely realize they’re different. They’re a cut above others you’ve taken. This quality level is called “professional grade” in the supplement industry because it conforms to the safety, quality, and purity levels professionals’ demand. What quality looks like Every bottle of our products […]

Supplements I can tolerate, AND they work better!? Yes Please!*

Intro to Liposomal Supplements

As with any industry, the supplement industry is a creative and ever-improving science. FGFUSA is excited to enter the cutting-edge world of liposomal products with our two newest editions to the product line: Lipo Pulmo and Lipo K&B. What are “liposomal supplements”? In a nutshell, they’re supplements that use lipophilic (or hydrophilic) chemistry to deliver […]

Itchy eyes? Runny nose? Is there a natural solution?

If allergies are simply an exaggerated immune response to a substance in our environments, such as pollen or dander, why do some people have allergic responses and others don’t?  Quite simply, it’s often because our cleansing organs just can’t keep up with all they have to process. Think about it-the liver is our main detoxifying […]

Is Your Body Shape More Like an Apple than a Pear?

No, this isn’t one of those personality tests! It’s a serious medical issue. It can greatly impact our health if we tend to put on weight in the middle.   Usually, when we put on a few pounds it might get stored just below the surface of our skin in the subcutaneous zone. However, some belly […]

Omega Fatty Acids & CoQ10-Why the buzz?

Omega Fatty Acids, CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that our body produces naturally. Our cells use it for growth and maintenance, but get this! Our bodies make less of it as we age. Of course! Just when we need it, right? So, should this decline in production concern us?  To answer this question, I consulted the Mayo […]

My Close Call-A Vitamin D Discovery*

At the very start of the pandemic, I had surgery scheduled. Before my surgery was canceled (due to said pandemic), I had the routine blood tests one would have. As I’m sure you recall, it was a very stressy time with “the bad” COVID lurking around every corner. The nurse practitioner who reviewed the results […]