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Intro to Liposomal Supplements

As with any industry, the supplement industry is a creative and ever-improving science. FGFUSA is excited to enter the cutting-edge world of liposomal products with our two newest editions to the product line: Lipo Pulmo and Lipo K&B.

What are “liposomal supplements”?

In a nutshell, they’re supplements that use lipophilic (or hydrophilic) chemistry to deliver the high-quality herbs in our products even more successfully. They can alter the concentration, duration, and speed of action of any supplement-potentializing its impact on health. “Lipo”, in Greek, means “fat,” and “soma” means “body or bubble.” So, this “fat bubble” turns out to be a highly effective molecular transporter delivery system that facilitates the effective release of essential nutrients on a cellular level.

Our new Lipo Pulmo and Lipo K&B products use this liposomal delivery science. How does it work?

  • They are protein-based and water-soluble, allowing quicker transport of herbal nutrition into the bloodstream. Of course, this translates into the body more quickly benefitting from the herbs taken.
  • The lipid-based fat-soluble technology means the body can retain herbal nutrition and release it slowly. The benefits of this delivery form are obvious; herbal nutrition’s beneficial effects are time extended.
  • This form of nutrition delivery also tends to act even more targeted in the liver, spleen, nervous system, glands, and bone marrow, where it is often needed the most.
  • This type of liposomal delivery is often better tolerated and can have more effect per dose than herbs in their dry or liquid tincture forms. Specifically, those with digestive issues may find liposomal remedies better tolerated (except those with missing gallbladders).

For those in our community who do electro-dermal stress analysis screening, these products may also be used as your imprint bottles for a specific organ, gland, or system.

This blog is to introduce you to this science and its benefit to you. In our next blog, we’ll explore the benefits of the two products we’ve launched with this science.

From now on, our new products will be using this science. We are committed to staying on the cutting edge to help you to make the most significant difference with each dose you or your clients take of an FGFUSA professional-grade supplement product.


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.