Unlocking the power of nature’s immune support for young and old

Written by Camille Carlson Gehrlich, NHA, Natural Health Author and Blogger. Review by Dr. Abdel Alkhalouf

It seems that nowadays, we need to watch the flu report and covid outbreak updates as we would the weather report. 

The flu season started a month earlier than usual and is “particularly strong,” being more severe than it has been in 13 years. Happy fall! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently said that so far this season, there have been “over 6,900 hospitalization and 360 deaths” and that it “continues to increase.”  

Most cases tend to be H3N2, Influenza-A virus, which typically results in more complications, particularly for the young, elderly, and people with chronic health conditions. Children’s hospitals are filling up with many kids now infected with Respiratory Syndrome Virus (RSV). Additionally, coronavirus cases are expected to increase as we head into winter and people move inside, creating a more likely scenario for swapping viruses. 

That’s the bad news. The good news is we are completely capable and well versed, at this point, in being proactive to care for ourselves and the well-being of others by taking care of our immune systems. 

We’re taking a moment to remind you of three unique products for the immune system that can assist you in doing just that.

  1. Vital Duo (Liquid)*

During the pandemic, it became evident that vitamin D was a crucial player in combating this virus. Evidence suggests it helps protect against COVID-19 infection and acute respiratory tract complications. FGF’s Vital Duo combination of D3 and K2 is formulated for optimum absorption with medium-chain triglycerides and olive oil.

2. Immune Max (Capsules)*This formulation, specially made in response to what we are going through, is full of natural botanicals and vitamins and crafted to promote a healthy immune function and help respiratory health. Note some key ingredients Immune Max contains vitamin c, zinc, astragalus, olive leaf extract, berberine HCI, garlic, citrus bioflavonoid complex, and EpiCor®**.

3. Vita (Capsules)*

Natural full-spectrum hemp oil supports the body’s normal pain and inflammatory responses, which is why recent studies show it also appears to aid those recovering from lung conditions. It is also a great, natural way to address stress and insomnia. It utilizes a proprietary extraction process to produce non-detectable THC content, eliminating solvents and impurities.

As always, we are committed to purity standards and only offer non-GMO, made-in-the-USA products produced in PDA-inspected GMP facilities that work with independent labs to ensure potency and quality.

Do all you can for your immune system. Fortify it daily with these simple targeted immune boosters. Get rest, reduce stress, and don’t forget these basics even when busy. With your diligence, care, and common sense, you can significantly reduce your chances of infection. We’re here to help!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**A dried fermentate produced from immune-modulating baker’s yeast. Epicor is a registered trademark of Embria Health Services, LLC.


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