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FGF’s professional-grade daily supplement, full of the immune benefits of essential vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants. With everything we have coming at us today, a powerful multivitamin can be just the thing to keep us equal to the challenge. Stress can do a number on our bodies, sapping us of vital nutrients and leaving us […]

Introducing REVIVE: Our Anti-Aging Dynamo

A famous US comedian made the phrase “It’s not important how you feel; it’s how you look” part of our popular culture. However, rather than buy into that philosophy, think about the possibility of having BOTH-feeling good inside AND out. That was the purpose of our new comprehensive combination formulation, designed to bolster our cells […]

Why do you need a healthy endocrine system and what can you do to improve it?* **

The endocrine system produces hormones regulating just about everything in the body: metabolism, growth, tissue regeneration, sexual health, reproductive health, sleep, and mood, as well as development. So, if the endocrine system isn’t working, we can feel its impact in many different ways. Let’s understand the endocrine system a bit to see how we can […]

Maximizing your Circulatory Health*

Your circulatory system, including your heart and blood vessels, is what carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, so obviously, it is key to your overall health. Anyone dealing with high blood pressure, heart disease, or coronary artery disease knows this to be true. Circulatory issues can impact your quality of life. It is encouraging […]

Are you feeling extreme fatigue?

Consider giving your detoxifying organs some much-needed attention.* CLEAR is formulated to support our detoxifying organs: kidneys, liver, and spleen. These vital organs do a tremendous amount of work in a day. Take the liver, for example; it cleanses the body of toxins, produces digestion encouraging bile, and can detoxify much of what the human […]

Dealing with our growing waistlines*

This past year hasn’t been the ideal circumstance for our metabolisms. Being home with unusually full access to comfort food, coupled with less physical activity, spells trouble. Many say they’ve embraced elastic waistlines, but obviously, this is not the ultimate solution. It is not breaking news that excess weight can cause many health problems such […]

Vital Duo: Your ultimate source of Vitamin D3 is here!

Vital Duo is a superior source of essential Vitamin D3 in a liquid plant-based formula; designed for optimum absorption and delivery. Vital Duo combines the power of Vitamins D3 and K2, which is essential for proper absorption and utilization of Vitamin D3 in the body. Everyone needs Vitamin D3Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient. This […]

Rebalancing Immunity with Vitamins and Minerals

Not only vitamins and minerals are essential for our body to develop and function normally, they are also integral to the proper functioning of the immune system. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the use of dietary supplements in the United States is on the rise with more than half […]

Daily Nourishment – Needed Now More Than Ever

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that people who have weakened immune systems might be at risk for more severe cases of COVID-19. Certainly, social distancing and thorough hand and surface cleaning are essential in the efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19. In addition, it is essential, now more than ever, to […]